“In my career, the thing I really loved about bringing independent specialists in for projects was the way they were able to go about their work. They didn’t have to deal with the politics and distractions that can come from working in-house –they always had the freedom to keep focused on the task in front of them. It’s a massive asset,” says Bryony Simpson, WePioneer Founder and CEO, reflecting on where projects tended to get stuck. “In structured hierarchical environments, I’d often see people approaching their work thinking about what would most please their Creative Director, rather than to solve the challenge. The specialists didn’t have anything like that to worry about. They could put the challenge at the front and just think about making great work.”

A Better Way of Doing It All

Seeing those strategic and creative talents able to raise the levels of projects while operating free from the noise was foundational. In the creative industry, spontaneity, innovation and fresh perspectives are the lifeblood. So, rather than force those talents into boxes and established structures, the aim should always be to give your creative and strategic minds space while giving them the best platforms to shine.

But that’s easier said than done. “Established cultures and ways of doing things make it hard for more maverick-types to thrive. But so often I saw that their perspectives could unlock new ways of seeing a challenge — I wanted to find a way for the disruptors to be brought in rather than pushed out, and let them show why they’re brilliant in their own unique ways.”

Always Moving Forward

How does someone break ground within an established, rigid order? They leave it behind.

The existence of WePioneer is a battle against creative stagnation. We are a home for people who find new and better ways of solving problems. We encourage questioning how things are done. Widening the diversity of perspectives on a project means we really get the chance to see it from every side, and the work that comes from that is fresher, bolder and more inventive.

For our clients, that means work created by specialist minds unconstrained by internal politics and agendas, whose focus can be entirely centred on their challenge and making their work the best it can be. For our specialists, it means they can apply themselves to projects they love in an environment that puts their talents at its heart. For us, it’s the chance to forge the path to brilliant work by bringing together diverse and great minds and creating space for them to succeed.

By its nature, the creative field should always be evolving. It’s the place for boldness and daring to claim centre stage; we’re making sure it stays that way.

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