Our way of working depends on us being able to pull together the best teams for each and every brief. But team building can be complex. There’s lots to think about, including the business’ core aims, our role in driving those goals, how the project in question fits into them, and from there, how we can build the team to make it all happen. It requires a real knowledge of our clients, as well as our pioneers and what makes them tick.


Of course, it’s vital for us to get to know our specialists’ experience and skills to ensure that when we bring them into one of our project teams, they’re right for the opportunity. That comprehensive overview of the work they’ve done, how it could fit with clients and potential clients, and the areas where they’ve specialised is an important building block for our way of working.

This is also where our work to really get under the skin of our project briefs is essential. Deeply understanding every facet of the opportunity at stake is our catalyst for tailoring our approach around the business challenge. Only with that can we confidently assemble the perfect team of specialists to make the most of the opportunity.

But it goes far deeper than just their work.


We get to know our specialists as people. Beyond their portfolios. We understand what drives them, how they like to collaborate, and how best to support them to do their best work. We develop a holistic perspective on who they are, the projects they’ll really fit, and the other specialists they could work well with. That full, nuanced perspective on who they are helps us to bring them together in a constellation where they can excel.

The most important part to a thriving team is that blend of skill set and mindset. It’s a simple starting point, but the perfect combination of skills for a project all need to be present in the assembled team. More than a tick-box exercise of which abilities we have, we really think about how their talents will bounce off one another.

Every one of our specialists is exceptional at what they do and shares our open and determined mindset, but we know that doesn’t instantly make them a perfect fit for every client and brief. In our on-boarding we get to understand what it is they love about what they do, the advice they’d give to someone starting out as an independent, the successes and stumbling blocks of their careers, and more, and that learning only grows with greater familiarity. Along with their abilities, we keep their working style and nature firmly in mind when building our teams.


But sometimes there’s just no substitute for experience. WePioneer Founder and CEO Bryony Simpson and Client Partner Sophie Smith-Bosanquet have a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, and along with seeing how successful teams have been compiled, they’ve also seen where teams can falter if certain aspects are overlooked before they’re assembled. That well of knowledge makes surprises even harder to come by and gives even more confidence in the team-building process.

Our model is predicated on bringing the right heads into the right projects to let them do what they do best, and really help our clients achieve their goals. We leave them free to thrive, do their best work, so they’re happy and our clients reap the rewards of that. We work to put our specialists on projects that suit them, but we also know how important it is to put them together in teams that can be greater than the sum of their parts.

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