Recently, the core WePioneer team came together for a day of analysing our project management processes. It involved really getting into the weeds on how we approach our projects, examining what we do at each stage and why, pain points for our clients and specialists alike, and how we can pre-empt client needs and iron out challenges. We know there’s no room to be complacent, and we’re always thinking through new ways to grow and evolve.

Client Care on All Levels

WePioneer Founder and CEO Bryony Simpson rose up in the industry on the account management side, and saw first hand how much having a strong framework that kept a project both flexible and under control was vital to ensuring their success. The importance of client management often slips through the net in many areas of the industry, but it’s a founding principle for WePioneer.

What that means practically is that we’re firmly in tune with the client’s needs that have been met and that are yet to be at every stage of the project. The deep respect we hold for people means we put ourselves in their shoes at every turn. The project processes and team are crafted around that. We think carefully about how to manage each project based on the nature of it, and make sure to recognise the fact that how we manage the team taps into what that means for the client experience. All while maintaining room for flexibility.

That requires real craft. And this is an area where a clear dialogue is especially vital. We know what way of working is best for each client because we take the time in the earliest stages to discuss their preferred communication styles and build that into our project and client management. It’s all about having a vision and intention of how things will run, so we know we’re always a step ahead.

For everything to stay focused and on schedule, it’s vital that everyone knows what they’re going to be doing and when. That focus on transparency is built into our problem-solving approaches throughout projects and carries to our specialists and clients, helping everyone remain agile.

The Nature of Efficiency

From that transparency comes efficiency. There’s a common misconception that efficiency is interchangeable with speed. But speed just for the sake of getting things done quickly is a byword for cutting corners and not paying full attention to the real nuances of the issues at hand. Sticking a plaster over a problem only causes more issues in the long run.

Efficiency, however, is about the ease of the process. For us, efficiency comes from honed, streamlined teams designed around the challenge. Everyone hand-selected for a project has a specific role in it, meaning there’s no one involved who isn’t really meant to be there, and no crossed wires in communication.

Another advantage of those small teams who see a project through from start to finish is everyone being on the same page, and this is a significant part of why we’re so passionate about open communication lines remaining with the same people from pitch to completion. Creative work is inherently collaborative, and transparency with clear communication is a vital part of that.

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