If you want to create the best, most creative and vibrant work, you need the best, most creative and vibrant people. But it’s not as simple as just gathering the most visionary minds you can in a room and saying ‘go!’. Once you have them, their brilliance goes nowhere if you don’t give them the best platform to succeed.

Among many benefits of a model that’s adaptable by its very nature is how much we can tailor the nuts and bolts of our approach on a project-by-project basis. There are many reasons why someone in the creative industry chooses to trust in themselves and go independent — for a significant number, high on the list is that independence allows them to work in the way they want to. And we have no intention of pushing people into overly rigid structures that they find inhibiting.

Understanding every detail

Being able to centre the expertise of our specialists and place them on the projects suited to their skillset and mindset starts with taking the time to get to know and understand them — even before we begin working together. When we know how they fit with us, then we can really understand how they fit with our clients, our other specialists, the work that excites them, and how to create the best environment for them so they can produce great things.

From putting together the initial project timelines, all stages are mapped out with consideration of (and together with) the team. When it comes to drawing the project teams together, we can consider which bright minds and their complementary skill sets and mindsets will give the project everything it requires, and build a team who will push each other to greater heights.

Foundation of trust

The core WePioneer team provide the backbone for every project: client partnership and leadership, bolstered by detailed and attentive project management. This stable core frees up our specialists on the team to allow them to focus on what they do best. We are there to oversee the central aims of the project and keep everything running as it should — meaning specialists are free to create without distraction and stay centred on where they thrive.

Creating the strongest basis for creativity means ensuring collaborators are supported, and free to be themselves and explore their challenges head-on. These foundations are built into the way we work and the way we approach all our projects. Creative endeavours are so often joyful and exciting processes, and we really care about allowing them to be — because that’s when the best work happens.

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