We are a brand consultancy. But not like any other.

Over the course of two decades in the industry, WePioneer Founder and CEO Bryony Simpson has seen every side. Through time in agency environments, client-side roles and independent consulting, she was able to develop a 360° understanding of how it all happened whilst collaborating with some of the best minds in the business, and seeing first-hand what was working and where change was needed. In that time, two things became very clear.

The first, that every brand challenge is entirely unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each opportunity has to be considered on its own merits, and that’s the way to really get the most out of a project.

The second, that bringing in independent specialists handpicked for the challenges at hand consistently raised the ceiling on how good a project could be.

Industry frustrations

But for all the successful work and exceptionally talented people, she felt a growing sense of frustration in the industry on every side.

I saw a loss of focus on what everyone is supposed to be there to do — to tackle a business challenge or grasp a clear business opportunity by harnessing the power of brand. Instead, I saw a clash of agendas between what was needed on the agency side and what was wanted on the client’s side, all of which detracted from the business need they were trying to solve.

— Bryony Simpson, Founder and CEO

It was clear that a change was necessary in the way these challenges were considered. A more flexible approach that placed the clients’ needs as the central focus again. At the same time, those years of experience and collaboration with such talented people showed that the means for that change were already within the industry, but there was a need for some reconfiguration.

Re-joining the dots. Differently.

All of this was set against a backdrop in which swathes of incredible people were choosing to forge their own path — to take on the projects they were most passionate about and create truly special work— because that’s how the best minds are making their mark now. Together, that was where the idea of WePioneer began. Indeed, that’s why WePioneer is necessary.

We are built on our unique way of operating, our unending curiosity, and our belief in the power of optimism. We do things the way we do because every brief and every business challenge we meet is itself entirely unique, dictated by the needs of the business, the market conditions, the business state, the audience profile, the client team and more. With all those factors in mind, no two challenges could possibly be the same, so no two solutions can be the same, either. Our agenda is simple: creating the best possible work for our clients, with emphasis on their values and goals. That can only truly be done through really digging in to understand what those are, and crafting the team and the solution around that.

Everyone at WePioneer, all of our specialists and all of our clients adopt a pioneering mindset; the belief that by remaining agile, adapting and evolving, we can achieve better and bolder things. As humans we are nowhere without belief in the possibilities of a positive future, and at WePioneer we truly believe in creating lasting work that stands up in unique ways.

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