The way we work is about hand-selecting the best people for the project in front of us. We start the process by thinking deeply about the challenge and the real needs of our clients. With this depth of understanding of their goals and how best to reach them, we’re able to start crafting our team of independent specialists.

Putting the special in specialist

Our specialists are free-thinkers and high performers. By taking the independent path, they’ve chosen to trust in their ability, free themselves from constraints, and give themselves the chance to take on the most interesting projects out there. Their work shows off their skills, but they’re far more than that to us. We take the time to get to know them, so we can be sure that they share the forward-thinking, optimistic approach that’s at the heart of WePioneer. Through that we know that our ever-growing portfolio of specialists is filled not only with spectacular talent, but also people who we and our clients love collaborating with. 

“When I was on the agency side, we’d regularly need to bring in specialists who had skills we didn’t have in-house,” recalls WePioneer CEO Bryony Simpson. “That meant I got to know some exceptionally talented people and I insisted on bringing them in when I knew they could take a project to the next level. I loved doing that. It became clear to me that having the right minds and skills in the right challenge really elevates the work. And I believe that every project should be approached in that way.”

The right people for the right challenge

This is at the core of WePioneer. Our specialists are people whose abilities, experience and personal natures we know deeply. Through this understanding of them as people and professionals, as well as the challenges ahead of us, we can really know which person suits the demands of which task the most.

Our model means that when we’re looking at a challenge, we can ask “who fits this best?” rather than just “who’s available for this job?” It really matters to us that anyone we put onto a project fits perfectly with what the client needs and can spark off one another, as well as fitting with our values. When considering everything together, even in a big collection of wonderfully gifted people, there may still only be a small few who fit all the requirements — and we can draw those dots together.

One of our key tentpoles is our deep respect for people. Taking the time to get to know both our clients and our specialists beyond the surface means we can really engage with the best way of working for everyone and put our specialists where they’ll thrive. By curating specialist teams for work that suits them, projects can reach their greatest potential — it all starts with taking the time to really know the people you’re working alongside.

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