Project story: Regent Hotels and Resorts ~ 

How do you grow a luxury brand across multiple markets and channels? WePioneer partnered with Regent Hotels and Resorts to foster a brand-led approach across all content.

Regent Hotels and Resorts was being reintroduced on the world stage. It needed more than a creative partner, it needed a brand guardian to bridge the gap between big ambitions and practical execution.

WePioneer steered every project to make sure it supported the brand strategy and streamlined processes to deliver the best possible results. Working with local client teams, we brought in carefully chosen specialists to work on production, creative direction, graphic design and copywriting.

Our global brand guardianship began with the Singapore launch of the Taste Studio experience, an exciting new brand hallmark. our aim was to tell the story in a fresh way that exuded Regent elegance. Our team captured the live event and turned it into powerful content for both paid and organic media. We drew on the ‘Regent Presents’ cinematic theme to tell powerful stories and reinforce the brand.

Additionally, we oversaw the relaunch of Regent’s Instagram channel, crafting the look and tone. Another project saw us adapt advertising guidelines and digital assets for the Chinese market. No matter the content or initiative, we have ensured that it is infused with the spirit of Regent and will serve to strengthen the brand.

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