Project story: Holiday Inn ~ 

Undergoing transformation, this hotel brand needed to make the business case to future investors. We distilled its long history and promising future into one strategic marketing tool.

This world-famous hotel brand needed to inspire future hotel owners and stakeholders. Having launched its Open Lobby concept, the Development team asked us to revitalise its all-important pitch deck. The aim: to showcase the benefits of joining a big brand on an exciting journey.

This presentation was a marketing tool that played a crucial role in the brand’s franchise business model. Through it, we needed to shift the existing image and project a vision of the future.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. We inherited a huge amount of content that had been created over the years. It needed radical editing and prioritisation. To achieve this, we worked collaboratively with the client team, using role-play to dig deep into the audience's needs and perspectives.

Our design solution addressed two distinct aspects of the pitch deck: making a clear business case and telling an engaging human story. Our competitor benchmarking exercise reinforced the need to level up and stand out.

Leading on both copywriting and design, we introduced a warm, conversational tone. We combined powerful digestible messaging with lifestyle imagery that captures the guest experience. Each slide exudes a contemporary feel in line with the new direction of the brand.

Now the brand can tell a story infused with promise, energy and optimism.

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